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About Us

The mission of the Lifelong Learning College is to enrich the lives of its members and students. TVLLC offers a wide variety of challenging courses. All courses are non-credit and focus on both personal enrichment and academic areas of interest. The courses range from Beginner Art and Computer to Current Events and History.

The Objectives of TVLLC are:

  • To enhance the student’s awareness & involvement in life.
  • To increase the student’s general well-being.
  • To provide opportunities for socialization.
  • To provide forums for intellectual stimulation & exchange.

The Villages Lifelong Learning College and The Villages Recreation Department Relationship

lifestyle is all about making your retirement dreams come true. For many, that includes activities designed to help you grow in mind, body or spirit. Those activities normally originate from either our Villages Lifelong Learning College or the District Government Recreation Department.

The Lifelong Learning College usually begins the learning process with classroom learning experiences where "professors" teach courses of interest to their students. The instructors are dedicated to helping residents acquire knowledge on subjects ranging from Art to Writing, from Computers to Mind, Body, and Spirit and much more. Students pay a small fee to support these learning classes.

On the other hand, District Recreation Department's role is to follow-up this classroom instruction by providing you the opportunity to practice what you have learned through the Lifelong Learning College. For example, a group of residents who have completed a Lifelong Learning College class on Line Dancing may then work with the Recreation Department to create a weekly Line Dancing practice group. Such a program would be totally supported by your amenity fees.

Both the Lifelong Learning College and the VCDD Recreation Department are dedicated to helping you learn, grow and realize your dreams for an active retirement lifestyle.